About Stephanie Wilds

I have been doing needle work in one form or another all my 20150321_123234life. My grandmother and older sister taught me to embroider, and my mother taught me to machine sew. Along the way I’ve cross- stitched, needlepointed, crocheted, knitted, woven, spun, hooked, and appliqued everything and anything.  I discovered quilting about 2006, when I needed to fill up some wall space with some sound-absorbing material, and my first quilt, the ‘Mountain Quilt’, was born. With a lot of encouragement from Marti Cummins and the gang at Marti’s Patchwork Cottage, and some classes at John C. Campbell Folk School, I’ve been working on developing my own techniques and my own style, and have had a marvelous adventure in fabric along the way.

Oribens first big hikeginally from Aiken, South Carolina, I’ve lived in Seattle and Bellingham, Washington, and San Francisco, California. I have a masters degree in Ecology from UNC Chapel Hill and also spent many years as an estate gardener, and later as a field biologist and land manager. In 2000, along with husband/luthier Tom Fellenbaum  we opened Acoustic Corner, a musical instrument shop in Black Mountain, NC. We sold the business in 2016 and though I no longer repair violins, I still play old-time banjo.

While Tom is still busy building musical instruments, I have entered semi-retirement. I work part time at Kitsbow Cycling Apparel in downtown Old Fort, as Repair Seamstress and Operations Associate. I teach occasionally at John C. Campbell Folk School, and exhibit my work at our local Arrowhead Artists and Artisans League gallery. I am still an avid gardener, of course, and share our little homestead with husband Tom and Ben, our rescue puggle. Apart from the hayfield and struggling apple orchard, we’ve dedicated most of our land to wildlife habitat, with an emphasis on wetland preservation, native bees and migratory songbirds.

When I’m not working in our garden, or working (playing) in my studio, I am often drawing. I draw for fun and relaxation, but I draw some pretty weird stuff. I like to draw chimeras, especially working from photos of  pets and people. It’s a new thing for me, let me know what you think. You can always email me at [email protected].

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