Unique Quilts

Various quilts that just don’t fit into any other category. The Kitchen Sink, as it were.

Friday Night at the Barn: Continuing the Tradition

This past March I was asked to do a quilt for the Barn at Montreat, as part of a major renovation of the building. Here’s the result; it measures 4.5′ x 4.5′ and hangs above the fireplace. Below is the text from the label that provides some explanation. Private Collection

“In 1970, and inspired by the traditional dancing at Bascombe Lamar Lunsford’s Mountain Dance and Folk Festival, callers Glenn Bannerman and Larry Wilson founded Friday Night Dance at the Barn in Montreat, North Carolina. With house band The Stoney Creek Boys, Glenn and Larry led the dances together in the early years and Glenn continued calling for close to fifty years. The community dances endure as a beloved summer tradition in the Montreat community.

With gratitude to the Bannerman Family, who commissioned this quilt, and to Greybeard Graphics and the Southern Appalachian Digital Collections.”


Tierra Nirvana 2023 – A quilt I made just for myself, this is a ‘map’ of our property. Based on Google Earth imagery, it includes every detail I could possibly think of — flower beds, greenhouse, orchard, walking trails, etc. — all in both machine and hand embroidery. 

Siren of the Deep – I was smitten by a photograph of Mermaid Cyanea, and couldn’t resist interpreting in in fabric …. and Angelina, beads, foil, silk ribbon, wool yarn, and hand embroidery. Completed February 2022, 24″ x 38″.  On display at Arrowhead Gallery and Studios. $440

Fibonacci Study in Blue and Orange – I bought an interesting set of gradient, hand-dyed fabrics at a quilt show years ago, and and couldn’t decide what to do with it, until I started thinking about evolution of ideas and shapes. Completed in 2018, 31″ x 39″.  On display at Arrowhead Gallery and Studios. $420 SOLD

Dreamwing – Inspired by one of my favorite poems by Verna Sheard. Completed in 2018, 37″ x 29″. On display at Arrowhead Gallery and Studios. $385 SOLD


Deep Sea Rhapsody – an underwater scene, featuring sea creatures taken from some of my drawings. Lots of embroidery and embellishments. Completed in 2020, 40″ x 26″. NFS

Falling In Sleep – a large ‘string’ quilt, made entirely of scraps. The concept behind it is that, as you fall asleep (moving from the top to the bottom of the quilt, from consciousness to deep sleep) you move from chaotic, bright, unorganized thoughts, to deep, still, rhythmic blues. Twin bed size. Completed around 2018. $900

Quilt For Hajime – I made this one for my Japanese nephew many years ago, using antique hand-dyed Ikat fabric from Japan. The center graphic is the logo for his home town of Takicho (which has been renamed and no longer exists as such). The surrounding characters (which I mistakenly put in the wrong order) translates roughly to ‘blow like clouds, flow like water’ or, ‘go with the flow’. Machine pieced, hand-quilted. Private Collection

Oscar’s Swimming Hole, Graybeard Trail, Montreat NC ~ This is a portrait of my friend David’s Plott hound Oscar, aka ‘Tuddi’, completed in 2010. My first attempt to recreate a photograph. Machine pieced, then hand appliqued and embroidered. About 3 feet by 4 feet. Original photo below.    This quilt won a Merit Award for Most Appealing Animal Imagery at the 2011 Asheville Quilt Show.  On display at Arrowhead Gallery and Studios. Private Collection

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