Tunnels Near Point Lookout, Western Division Railroad

This site serves as my portfolio of quilts I’ve completed since I started quilting in 2006. I began by making wall quilts, art quilts, for the showroom of Acoustic Corner, a music store in Black Mountain, NC. I’ve made art quilts for family and friends, music venues and museums, non-profit fundraisers and personal memorials. I’ve won a few awards at the local Asheville Quilt Show and gotten into a few national shows. I mostly make quilts on commission, and love technical challenges. I am particularly drawn to natural landscapes, architectural images, and dog portraits. If you like what you see here, and are interested in having me make a quilt for you, let’s talk.

My quilting techniques
I enjoy handwork, so most of my quilts are made using as little machine sewing as possible. Typically I machine-piece the background, then hand-applique features and add detail with embroidery.  I now machine-quilt almost everything (hands are getting old), either on a home table top machine or on my mid-arm on a frame with a carriage. I also use a technique I call ‘fabrication’ which involves working more directly with photographs, fabrics and fusibles, which is described in more detail here. Rarely some fabric ink or paint is also used, and I’m not shy about experimenting with other embellishments. The bag of tricks is always growing!

I typically work from photographs, which I print out and use as templates for piecing, applique and embroidery. I used to have the capability to blow up images to almost any size, but I’ve recently lost my wide-format printer, so now my quilts tend to be under 3′ in their largest dimension. 


Contact me
. . . if you want to let me know what you think of my work, have suggestions, or are interested in commissioning a custom quilt.

Wilds Fabrications
Stephanie Wilds
538 Pine Cove Road
Old Fort NC 28762
[email protected]

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