Landscape Quilts

Sing Me of Sweet Things is a commissioned piece completed in September of 2017. My customer, a carpenter and musician, hosts house concerts at his home in New Hampshire. Staged in front a of picture window, he wanted a backdrop for the concerts that would absorb sound, but also depict the fantastic view of the White Mountains from the window. One thing led to another, and we added friends and family playing music around a campfire, and his wife and grandchild romping with the dog near the vegetable garden, all set on a warm summer evening in June. Measuring 70″ x 53″, this is another ‘kitchen sink’ quilt, featuring machine piecing, hand and machine applique, thread painting on tulle, hand embroidery, some painting, fusible fabrication, etc. This quilt was awarded 2nd place in the Landscape category at the Asheville Quilt Show, Fall 2017. SOLD

Sing Me of Sweet Things


Chalk Cliffs, Hitchcock Woods was completed December 2016. Based on photography by Shelly Marshall Schmidt, it showcases one of the unique environments in Hitchcock Woods, one of the largest urban forests in the US, and the heart of my home town, Aiken SC. This was a commission to benefit the Hitchcock Woods Foundation. 49″ x 41″. Features custom hand-dyed fabric from Vicki Welsh for the night sky. SOLDchalk-cliffs-final2


Fiddleheads for Katie was completed June 2016.  Commissioned by friend and wonderful dulcimerist Katie LaRaye Waldren, it is based on real sculpture by Harry McDaniel on display at the Kellogg Center in Horseshoe NC. 51″ x 31″. Lots of applique and pearl cotton embroidery.  SOLD



Be Here Now. A companion quilt to Skyland Dawn (below), this 4.5′ by 3.5′ quilt continues my exploration into layering tulle, applique, and embroidery, this time in a much more fanciful approach . . . . no pattern was used anywhere in this quilt; the entire piece is free-form. Completed Summer 2013.  Private CollectionBe Here Now



Aspen Sunrise. This was a spinoff commission from the previous landscape quilt (‘Summer Evening at the Woodland Edge’, below). Same technique of pieced background and layers of applique, tulle, and embroidery. Also about 4′ x 3′. Completed in January 2013. SOLD


Summer Evening at the Woodland Edge. Completed in 2012, this one won 2nd place in the ‘Large Art Quilt’ category in the 2012 Asheville Quilt Show.  It is loosely based on a painting by Carolyn Reynolds, and incorporates applique, embroidery, and tulle. About 4′ x 3′.  SOLD

Summer Evening at the Woodland Edge, 2012


Skyland Dawn ~ Completed October 2010, a gift to my physical therapist and friend Melinda Halford at Skyland Physical Therapy, for ‘fixing’ my hip. About 3′ by 4′.  Private Collection


Waterwheel, Berry College, Rome, Georgia ~ Also completed in October 2010, this is a gift for my husband, who is passionate about alternate energy. Pieced and appliqued, but also extensively painted and embroidered. Measures about 3′ by 3′ (the wheel measures 42′ feet!). Private Collection


Mitchell’s Arabian Through the Fog ~ Completed in 2009, a gift for White Horse Black Mountain, a local music venue. About 4 feet by 5 feet. Fog effect created with layers of tulle.  Private Collection


Autumn ~ Based on a painting by the same name, I think, by an artist who’s name I can’t remember. My first attempt at a seriously pieced quilt.  About 3 feet by 4 feet. Two detail shots below. SOLD



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